Vision & Business


  • 01

    Establish global cooperation network with domestic and foreign universities, hospitals, and private companies; thereby secure and develop global competitiveness in research, education and commercialization.

  • 02

    Develop and lead future medical technology and service by combining medical big data with ICT technology, data science, clinical experience and knowledge.

  • 03

    Train global convergence talents in the field of medical big data

Business Details

융합 기술 개발, 전문 인재 양성, 사업화 및 산학협력
  • 01

    Establishment and Research of Medical big data, and Development of Convergence Technology

    Establish a medical big data platform combining clinical know-how and IT technology, and build a foundation for convergence research which medical staff, researchers and private companies can use for the development of future medical industry

  • 02

    Human Resource Cultivation to Strengthen Capability of Convergence Technology Utilization

    Medical technology from medical staffs’ perspective + Develop convergence capabilities of informatization technology, enhance research application ability, various education and training programs necessary for contribution to commercialization

  • 03

    Medical big data-based Commercialization and Industry-Academic Cooperation

    Industry-academic-research network construction, technology transfer and establishment of foundation for global market entry aiming for the commercialization of medical AI, medical AI based devices, bio, and customized medical services which are applicable using medical big data