Goals of Human Resource Development

We have established and operated a learning platform to train convergence professionals through the operation of big data related curriculum in Seoul National University College of Medicine, entrepreneurship programs run by MBRC, Co-Op programs, and multidisciplinary creative autonomous tasks.

Training of global advanced convergence professionals in line with the era of the 4th industrial revolution
  • Training of global advanced convergence professionals having both medical and ICT knowledge
  • Acquiring medical knowledge and ICT capabilities simultaneously through curriculum reorganization
  • Strengthening global competitiveness by linking global education programs
  • Increasing field capacities through activation of Co-Op programs with private sector
  • Introducing entrepreneurship education programs and fostering creative and challenging talents
  • Improving project operation capabilities and acquiring knowledge through creative tasks, competitions, academic conferences, etc.

Cultivating Convergence Professionals

ICT Convergence Curriculum
  • Designing a consumer-centered curriculum
  • Establishing curriculums involving external experts · professors · entrepreneurs
  • Opening common subjects · Promoting credit exchange at participating universities
  • Accelerating training and academic exchange with foreign universities
  • Conducting case study on the use of medical big data and the establishment of ICT
Entrepreneurship Education
  • Leadership (Change · Challenge · Communication management, etc.)
  • Finding business opportunities and constructing business models
  • Understanding marketing strategies and medical consumers
  • Entrepreneurship, change, and innovation
  • Research on companies’ cases of success · failure · crisis overcome, etc.
Co-Op Program
  • Enterprise Agreement (Internship, field training)
  • Excavating projects and linking employment to the relevant companies
  • Promoting Co-Op projects (Credits approved)
  • Discovering sustainable partnership companies and promoting conclusion of agreements
Operation of · Support on Multidisciplinary Creative Autonomous Tasks
  • Operation and support of multidisciplinary creative autonomous tasks with topics relevant to big data
  • Finding ideas and start-up tasks
  • Fostering supports for start-up projects
  • Cultivating problem solving and convergence skills